The Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams

Stretch mark removal creams are designed to eliminate or at least reduce the appearance of stretch marks and here are a few of the best stretch mark removal creams on the market. TriLastin is considered an excellent stretch mark removal product and it has two different creams. The first cream conditions the skin while the second cream serves to get rid of the stretch marks. Revitol is another effective cream for reducing stretch marks and it gets on the inside of the skin so that it can get to the damaged fibers that caused the stretch marks. Mederma This is also one of the best stretch mark removal creams and is highly recommended by dermatologists and those who tried this cream. The makers of this cream state that you should see results in twelve weeks although the length of time before results appear may vary. Mederma contains hyaluronic acid and this is an important ingredient in most skin care products.     Dermectin This stretch mark removal cream is often prescribed by dermatologists and the main ingredients in this cream are collagen and polysaccharides. These ingredients exfoliate the skin and it repairs damaged skin so that the stretch marks will disappear. Vitamin E Stretch Mark Creams Regardless of the brand you choose, you can’t go wrong with removal creams that have vitamin E because this vitamin E prevents future stretch marks from occurring in the skin. You can find this cream at most drugstores, online retailers and in prescribed form by your dermatologist. Retin A Cream Retin A is a man-made form of vitamin A and this cream works well in eliminating stretch marks. You cannot get Retin A cream over-the-counter because only the dermatologist can offer it to you. When you meet with the dermatologist, you want to discuss the problems you’re having with stretch marks and the possibility of using Retin A to get rid of them. Conclusion Getting rid of stretch marks with creams and other products is not always easy to do but when you use the cream consistently, the stretch marks will disappear over time. Before you buy a certain stretch mark cream you should read reviews and also get opinions from relatives and your dermatologist so you will buy the right brand. Finally, buy more than one so that you will always have some on hand.

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